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Miss movin’ on!

Shakira has found herself a new man after her disastrous split from Gerard Piqué! According to the Spanish outlet OK Diario on Saturday, the Colombian singer has found love with a mystery man who just so happens to live in Miami, Florida — where she plans to move with her two children imminently! Sounds like the stars might finally be aligning for Shakira again!!

There are very few details known about the TQG vocalist’s new beau, but the outlet claimed they have been in contact for about four months after meeting in the Sunshine State. By the way, the Waka Waka artist and athlete officially called things off in June, so this means she gave herself a few months to process the shocking split before moving on. Much unlike her ex!

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Interestingly, the outlet did make sure to stress the new flame is NOT Antonio de la Rua, who the 46-year-old dated for just over 10 years before breaking up in 2010. She met the soccer star at the World Cup the same year. So, no going backward for her!

We wonder if Shakira will speed up her moving plans because of the new man in her life?? As we’ve been following, Shakira is planning to leave Barcelona with her sons, Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8. She signed a custody agreement with her ex in December, giving her permission to make the move to Miami, where she used to live and still has some family. Gerard will get holiday time with the kids.

Initially, it seemed like they were going to make the move in early 2023, but plans have been pushed back due to her parents’ illnesses. According to reports, she had plans to travel on April 1, but then her mother, Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado, was hospitalized on Friday after suffering a blood clot in her leg. It’s likely Shakira won’t rush out of the country until she knows Nidia is healed. A similar thing happened just months prior when her father, William Mebarak Chadid, required surgery after a bad fall.

If she decides to push back the move again, it’s likely the family might wait until June when the boys are out of school to move, but who knows? Maybe she’s eager to start the next chapter of her life — and get closer to her new boyfriend?! We wouldn’t blame her!

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We all know the Hips Don’t Lie performer has been through hell ever since discovering her partner of nearly 12 years had been cheating on her with a younger woman known as Clara Chia Marti. And all thanks to a jam jar! It’s exciting to know she might have a new shot at love already! Especially considering the former Manchester United player hasn’t bothered to be remorseful for his actions, which has seemingly caused her a ton of heartbreak and pain. Instead, the 36-year-old has been publicly moving on with his controversial romance. He even has the audacity to stay stuff like THIS to El Pais last week:

“I keep doing what I want. The day I die, I will look back and hope I have always done what I wanted. I want to be faithful to myself.”

Ugh. It’s about time Shakira found herself a man to treat her right! ‘Cause this is BS!

[Image via Elle España/YouTube & Gerard Piqué/Instagram]

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