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Whelp, the moment is finally here: the kiss between Raquel Leviss and Tom – and no, not Tom Sandoval.

Before Scandoval took over the fans’ universe, there was some drama with members of the Vanderpump Rules cast over the 28-year-old former pageant queen’s hookup with Tom Schwartz. His ex-wife Katie Maloney repeatedly blasted the pair on social media for hooking up when she and Schwartz had a rule not to date their co-stars after their divorce. She called out Scheana Shay for pushing the pair together, ultimately leading to the end of their friendship — at least, for right now. It was very messy, and it seemed like that was going to be the main source of drama for season 10 of VPR. Then, Scandoval happened.

Once Sandoval and Raquel’s months-long affair was exposed, everyone assumed the hookup between the SUR waitress and Schwartz was a cover-up for his best friend’s controversial relationship. However, the 40-year-old business owner has repeatedly denied it. There’s been a lot of talk about this moment between Schwartz and Raquel, even with Scandoval. Now, fans are finally getting to see what really happens between them! And of course, we have some more easter eggs about Sandoval’s affair. So buckle up because we have a lot to cover!

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So Wednesday night’s episode picks back up where we left off last week with James Kennedy and Ariana Madix’s explosive fight over his physical altercation with one of Brock Davies‘ wedding guests. His girlfriend Ally Lewber runs away from the situation, calling the 31-year-old DJ’s behavior “not cute.” Sandoval gets in the middle of the situation and tells James during the dinner:

“Sometimes real power is having the power to do something and not doing it.”

Oh, the irony. (FYI, James, Ariana, and Ally later resolve this situation and hug it out.) But amid this drama, the show then cuts to Katie and Schwartz who went out to dinner to celebrate the sale of their home. While the celebration started fine, things quickly went downhill before their meals were even served. The exes broke out into a massive argument after Schwartz claimed he was “more apt to defend” Katie – to which, she immediately called bulls**t and recalled how he just took Scheana and Brock’s side over the issue of her going to Mexico amid the wedding. The fight escalated when the TomTom owner claimed Katie “abused” the husband-wife card, and that he was a good husband. He then stated:

“I think it’s better that we don’t talk that much.”

Oof. Eventually, she bursts into tears over the fact that there are “all of these people surrounding you, being great friends to you, and they’re being awful to me.” When Schwartz calls her a “provocateur” over her drama with Scheana and Raquel, she storms away.

Yikes. That was a disastrous dinner, to say the least. And as the 36-year-old was telling her friend Kristina Kelly about what went down, they were interrupted by none other than Raquel who came over to their hotel room to say Scheana said they were not allowed in certain areas of the resort. Considering Katie has been upset with Scheana for pushing Raquel to get involved with her ex-husband, she did not take the demand very well. She said in response:

“It’s just so rich that Raquel is gonna tell me not to do something. The self-awareness is just so lacking all over this place.”

The following day, Scheana and Brock have their respective bachelorette and bachelor parties. While hanging out by the pool, Sandoval chatted with Schwartz about moving on from Katie. He said in a confessional at one point:

“I think Schwartz needs to start putting himself out there. Meeting other women. It’ll help him get over his marriage faster.”

As they looked at a bunch of women dancing in the pool, Schwartz questioned:

“Why does it still feel illegal to check girls out?”

To which Sandoval replied:

“It doesn’t. Me and Ariana check girls out all the time — and guys.”

Schwartz suddenly thinks he spots Raquel. When it turned out not to be her, Sandoval wondered if something was brewing between them and asked if he wished “it was.” Schwartz commented:

“I can’t explain it, she’s beautiful.”

Sandoval then responded:

“It’s OK. I get it.”

Yeah… We bet. Later on in the episode, Scheana and Brock throw a big welcome bash for their guests. Obvi it wouldn’t be a Vanderpump Rules party if someone wasn’t starting drama! At one point in the night, Scheana asks Schwartz if he was going to make out with anybody at the wedding. Raquel immediately enters the chat, saying:

“Can I join this conversation?”

Ariana jokes in a confessional:

“I can literally see Raquel’s ears perk up at the sound of Schwartz saying he’s gonna make out with someone. Like, Here she is!”

The next thing you know, Raquel takes Schwartz away from the group to sit at a table in the middle of a pool. And they finally gave in to temptation. As Schwartz said:

“I’m so annoyed by what people have done to try and coerce us into making out. I kinda just want to do it now.”

When Raquel asked when did he “come to this realization,” he gushed:

“Raquel, you’re f**king gorgeous. You’re beautiful. It was never even a thing. Katie made it a thing and now you’re forbidden fruit.”

She agreed, saying:

“She made it more of a thing than anything, and now I just can’t stop thinking about it.”

Raquel then added in a confessional:

“There’s a lot of things that attracted me to Schwartz. He is so sweet, kind. Love his sense of humor. My attraction for Schwartz definitely outweighs my desire to be friends with Katie.”

Apparently, her “attraction” for Sandoval also outweighed her close friendship with Ariana…

The two eventually leaned over the table and began to makeout while some of their cast members cheered in the background. While Schwartz and Raquel locked lips, Katie could be seen leaving dinner with her friends and heading outside near the pool area. The episode then ended, leaving us all at the edge of our seats and wondering if Katie was going to see Schwartz kissing Raquel. So much drama, y’all! It’s crazy to think that Sandoval and Raquel were also beginning their months-long affair around this time too!

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